We envision a vibrant community of self-affirming gay men of all ages caring for themselves, caring for each other, and living integrated and abundant lives of complete equality.


Recognizing that gay men (men who are connected in some way with gay male communities and/or with a gay male identity) constitute a population that experiences significant disparities in their health and wellness, it is the mission of Gay ZONE to reduce the transmission of STIs among gay men by providing culturally-appropriate screening and treatment of STIs, anonymous testing for HIV, and complementary programming to enhance their wellness and build community.


As gay men, we have the right to health and well-being. Our health and wellness have physical, mental, spiritual, sexual, and social aspects and include community building and working for social justice. The following core values guide our decisions.

Gay Sex Positive

  • Our sexuality in its myriad expressions is an integral and natural part of our being and gives meaning and pleasure to our lives.

  • All gay men have the right to satisfying sex lives free from guilt, stigma, coercion, violence, and shame.

  • All gay men have the right to choose their forms of sexual intimacy with others. This will be enhanced through strengthening of our ability to be fully informed about risks and safety.

  • Our harm-reduction approach enhances the capacities and right of gay men to make informed choices that fit with our personal values and help us to manage risk in our lives.

Assets-Based Approach

  • Gay men are not victims, but have a proud tradition of overcoming adversity and oppression as individuals and communities.

  • We believe that gay men are individually and collectively healthy, reasonable, life-affirming, and successful in creating fulfilling and meaningful lives.

  • Gay men are resilient, creative, and strong, and we build on our strengths and commitment to thrive even under formidably difficult circumstances.


  • We acknowledge, embrace, and celebrate our diverse gay communities as a source of strength and insight.

  • Transmen are included in our community.

  • We acknowledge and respect the various stages of self-acceptance in the lives of gay men we serve.

  • We strive to free ourselves of biases to enable us to work across our differences.

Hassle Free Service Delivery

  • Services are delivered in a congenial environment in a manner that is respectful, non-judgmental, and affirming.

  • Services are culturally appropriate to the various communities of gay men.

Community Building

  • Advocacy at the individual, community, and systemic level is fundamental to community building.

  • The health of gay men emerges from healthy gay communities.

  • HIV disease continues to have a cataclysmic impact upon our private and communal lives. In view of this, we work to achieve well-being by creating spaces to heal our losses and rebuild and revive our communities.

  • We foster community by reaching across generations to provide mentors and role models for younger gay men and other men new to our community.


  • Gay men are involved in all phases of planning, development, delivery, and evaluation of programs.

  • We aim to engage gay men in their health and wellness.


  • We believe that wellness and good health are not just the absence of disease, but encompass physical, mental, spiritual, sexual, and social well-being.

  • Although HIV remains a priority in our lives, it does not define gay men.

  • Our services are not crisis-driven but are part of a long term strategy to enhance our health and wellness.

  • Our wellness model is more than just a response to symptoms, but extends to health promotion to address the determinants of health and reduce vulnerability.